Once you can tell the person is right for ur rest of life to be with,
no matter how awful the quarrel you just had...
maybe, you want both of ya to calm down
yeah... you might decide 2 days or a week is a suitable time to get lost from both lives
but, trust me...
don't take it too long to risk from .... Losing Him/Her

Sometimes, ANOTHER can just interrupt in like that!
in a situation you thought like usual, which you and him/her should be a closed couple again like always..
But, that's how FATE works...
If, there's someone worth more for him/her meant to be with....
that few days could turn your world thoroughly upside down
Even you beg him/her to come back to you, and you promised to correct all your faults, blah blah blah...
You let him/her go.... you gave the chance....

Love can fade in the wink of an eye... so you gotta grab it well
but the very important hypothesis is - the person is RIGHT!
otherwise, don't waste your time to chase after an loser.
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